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Here is how it works!

no products to inventory or lug around,

no food to melt, spoil or rot.

New and Unique - Easy to Implement 

No minimums  -  No risks  -  No upfront costs


The Fun Club pays for itself each time you use it.  

- A family of four who goes to the movies just a couple of times a year will save more on their tickets than the cost of their one-year FUN CLUB membership. 


The FUN CLUB keeps your name in front of your supporters all year long!

  • The FUN CLUB helps build school spirit by providing a customized landing page for each participating school/organization. All your supporters see your name, logo and special "thank-you" each time they login. 

  • Local restaurants can have their coupons posted on your FUN CLUB landing page for free which adds more value to your fundraiser.

How we got started:

The FUN CLUB fundraising program was created by folks who have experienced fundraising first hand. We know the importance of fundraising and we know the hard work and disappointments that go with it too.

When we were developing the program, we had your goals in mind.  We wanted to make sure it would be very appealing to your supporters and would be easy to implement.  What's more appealing than saving money on the fun things in life like dining out, going to the movies, concerts, theme parks and traveling the world?

And easy? All you have to do is send one our beautiful, free, full color, FUN CLUB fundraising brochures home with every student/volunteer along with your fundraising letter inside explaining the purpose of your fundraiser and ask the parents and grandparents to support your school/group by buying a one-year family membership to the FUN CLUB. How easy is that?

The FUN CLUB fundraising program features:

  • NO Upfront costs and the money is collected prior to paying for the memberships so no risk or loss for your group.

  • A price of only $20 so it can be easily sold.

  • Customers receive a value much higher than the $20 they pay for the product.

  • Schools receive 50% of the FUN CLUB proceeds instead of the usual 25% - 45% that other programs share.

  • No products to inventory to lug around. No food to melt, spoil or rot.

  • Your group makes the sale and the FUN CLUB handles the fulfillment.

  • The FUN CLUB helps build school spirit by providing a customized landing page for each participating school. All the supporters see the school's name, logo and special "thank-you" each time they login. 

  • Local restaurants can have their coupons posted in the FUN CLUB for free which adds more value to your fundraiser.

  • Supporters save money all year long, while having fun and making memories to last a lifetime.

  • At the end of the one-year term, the FUN CLUB will send a renewal notice to the member. Every time one of your supporters renews, your group will be paid again for as long as the member keeps renewing*.

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UNLIMITED SAVINGS for a full year and there is something in the Fun Club for everyone!



Introducing a one-of-a-kind feature:

Residual Fundraisingô


Sell a FUN CLUB membership once

and get paid every year thereafter.


Create a never-ending income stream

for your organization!


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Please note: Not all, but most of the special offers, products and services in the FUN CLUB are not available to the general public so the actual prices cannot be shown until you login.


Our team works closely with all of our supplier partners to add additional value and special offers for our members and fundraising groups. We are constantly adding new products and new offers in cities and destinations around the world and we donít plan on slowing down anytime soon.


The FUN CLUB Staff



Let us walk you through the newest and best fundraising program in America!  You'll be glad you did.

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*  see residual fundraising for details

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