Sponsor the Fun Club membership brochure

  • In order to make the FUN CLUB available to the schools, churches and non-profits with NO Upfront Costs, we have created a business sponsorship program to cover the costs of printing the membership brochures.  The sponsor will benefit from the promotional value as well as the goodwill from helping the groups raise money and additional exposure on the FUN CLUB website.
  • The parent will remove the order form from the brochure and return it along with their check to the fundraising organization. The membership brochure, with our sponsor's information on the cover, will remain in the home.

click here to view a copy of the Fun Club membership brochure

click here to view the rate sheet for the printing costs


-   Sponsors receive the goodwill associated with helping local churches, schools and non-profits in the communities raise money!

-      Enhance your corporate image

-    Promote internal goodwill among customers and employees




-   The Sponsor's name, logo, address and phone number is custom printed on the front of the FUN CLUB membership brochure.  This will create awareness and excitement with the public.

-   These brochures go into all the volunteer's homes where they stay.

-   Sponsor's company name and logo will also be displayed on the FUN CLUB website with a link back to your company website.


  -     Free memberships for sponsor's employees, customers or family to enjoy.  The number of free memberships is based on the quantity of memberships being sponsored.

click here to view the rate sheet for the printing costs.


UNLIMITED SAVINGS for a full year and there is something in the Fun Club for everyone!






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