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Your restaurant is invited to participate in our exciting new fundraising program. Itís purpose is to help local schools, churches and non-profits raise much needed funds. The FUN CLUB focuses on saving members money on the fun things in life and we know dining out is one of those fun things everyone enjoys.

Thatís where you come in. We would like to request a ďSpecial OfferĒ for your restaurant that we can put in the FUN CLUB for our members.  When you give us a special offer, three things happen:  1) our schools, churches and non-profits raise more funds, 2) our members save more money, and 3) your restaurant gets more customers.  Itís all good and there is no charge for you to participate.

You can sign your restaurant up today with no risks, it's free. You can also discontinue at any time too.

Hereís how it works:

  • Click here to sign up. 

  • We will prepare a coupon with your offer and email it to you for approval.

  • Once approved, we will post your coupon in the memberís section of the FUN CLUB website:

    Thank you, we appreciate your support and participation.


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