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Want to Raise Funds?   Sell a membership once and get paid every year thereafter!

Residual is a wonderful thing. It means that you get paid again for work that was performed at some earlier time.

With the FUN CLUB, you sell a membership once and get paid again every year for as long as that member keeps renewing.

With all the great savings that members access all year long, they will surely want to renew again and again.

NO Upfront Costs


4 Ways to Make Money!

# 1  "FUN CLUB Brochure Fundraising"

This program works great for school PTA/PTO, bands, booster clubs and church groups.

# 2  "Website Referral Fundraising"

This program works great for any group or organization with a website (or Facebook page)

# 3  "Email Referral Fundraising"

This program works great for any group or organization with a member / supporter list such as an alumni association or trade association.

# 4  "Residual Fundraising"

All groups/organizations can participate in the residual fundraising program.





# 4

"FUN CLUB Residual Fundraising"

Here's how it works ......

1 -  your group will already be registered

There is no cost for this program. The only requirement is that you are maintaining the FUN CLUB logo with embedded link on your group/organization website and/or Facebook page.

2 - earn on renewal memberships

Each FUN CLUB membership is good for 1 year. After 11 months, we will send the members a renewal notice letting them know their membership is about to expire and ask them to renew. 


We'll remind them that when they renew, half of their fee will go back to the organization that originally signed them up. They can continue to support your cause.

3 - that is all there is to it, you are done.

The FUN CLUB will process all the orders, activate the members for another year and send you your 50% of the fee.  Get paid again for a sale you made the year before.

The Fun Club pays for itself each time you use it ...

- A family of four who goes to the movies just once a year, will save more on their movie tickets than the cost of their one-year FUN CLUB membership. 


UNLIMITED SAVINGS for a full year and there is something in the Fun Club for everyone!



Include the Fun Club in your fundraising this year!

Let us walk you through the newest and best fundraising program in America!  You'll be glad you did.

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