Our company, Fun Times Marketing, began in 2001 as a loyalty card savings program for local small businesses.  The time was just after the tragedy of September 11 and folks were very apprehensive about the future. No one was shopping or eating out. Small businesses were suffering and needed to get customers back in their stores in order to keep their doors open.

With that in mind, we started our company.  We had a three-fold mission :

1) help consumers save money,

2) help small businesses get more customers, and

3) help communities stay strong.

To accomplish this mission, we developed the "Community Savings Card" which allowed folks to save money all over the community at hundreds of local businesses using just one little card. 

The participating small businesses supported the program and "Community Savings Cards" were given to consumers at no charge. We distributed over 1 million cards to the general public throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. 

Because of the popularity of our "Community Savings Card" and the great value it provided, we were always being asked by various groups and organizations if they could use our card to fundraise.  We didnít have a problem with that except the cards were free to the general public, so they couldnít sell something that was being given away.

This led to the development of the FUN CLUB.

We realize the necessity of fundraising in our community schools. Our staff have all been members of booster clubs with kids in sports, scouts, the band and the PTO/A, etc., so we know first hand how much effort goes into the process and the high cost involved in keeping the groups going.

Thatís why we developed the FUN CLUB. We used our fifteen plus years of developing savings programs and specifically designed the FUN CLUB to help groups raise funds. It is loaded with lots of value and savings that are not available to general public. It is a totally unique product that lasts for a full year and it only costs $20.

When we were developing the program, we had your school in mind.  We wanted to make sure it would be very appealing to your supporters and would be easy to implement.  What's more appealing than saving money on the fun things in life like dining out, going to the movies, concerts, theme parks and traveling the world?

And easy? All you have to do is send one our beautiful, free, full color, FUN CLUB brochures home with every student along with your fundraising letter inside explaining the purpose of your fundraiser and ask the parents and grandparents to support your school by buying a one-year family membership to the FUN CLUB. How easy is that?

The FUN CLUB fundraising program features:

  • NO Upfront costs and the money is collected prior to paying for the memberships so thereís no risk or loss for your group.

  • A price of only $20 so it can be easily sold.

  • Customers receive a value much higher than the $20 they pay for the product.

  • Groups receive 60% of the FUN CLUB proceeds instead of the usual 25% - 45% that other programs share.

  • No products to inventory or lug around. No food to melt, spoil or rot.

  • Your group makes the sale and the FUN CLUB handles the fulfillment for you. 

  • Supporters save money all year long, much more than the cost of their membership.

  • Your group receives a customized landing page on the www.FunClubSavings.com website so your supporters will see your name and logo every time they login all year. It's just another way to build school spirit.

  • Local restaurants can have their coupons posted in the FUN CLUB for free which adds more value to your fundraiser.

  • At the end of the one-year term, the FUN CLUB will send a renewal notice to the member. Every time one of your supporters renew, you will be paid 50% of the proceeds for as long as the member keeps renewing. No other program offers this feature.


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Our privacy policy stipulates that we do not sell, loan, rent or distribute personal information about our clients or members in any manner. Your group and member information will always be kept private as well.  



All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used as examples of the companies participating in the Fun Club program.


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