Request a Free copy of the FUN CLUB fundraising brochure

Want to Raise Funds?   Just send the kids home with this brochure!

The beautiful FUN CLUB fundraising brochure showcases the many fun things available to members at exclusive discounted "member only" prices.

Your school/organization will receive full color brochures to send home with each student/volunteer.

NO Upfront Costs

(see sample brochure)  

Inside the brochure you should insert a letter on your school/organization letterhead detailing the purpose of your fundraiser and asking the supporter to purchase a one-year FUN CLUB family membership for only $20.


(see sample letter)

Request a Free copy of the FUN CLUB brochure

4 Ways to Make Money!

# 1  "FUN CLUB Brochure Fundraising"

This program works great for school PTA/PTO, bands, booster clubs and church groups. Send the brochure home which asks supporters to join.

# 2  "Website Referral Fundraising"

This program works great for any group or organization with a website (or Facebook page). Just place the FUN CLUB logo on your site and get paid when someone joins from your site.

# 3  "Email Referral Fundraising"

This program works great for any group or organization with a member / supporter list such as an alumni association or trade association. Just send out an email with a link to join.

# 4  "Residual Fundraising"

All groups/organizations can participate in the residual fundraising program. At the end of the one-year membership, the member receives a renewal notice. If they renew, your group gets paid again.



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Guaranteed $1000 Savings on Restaurants / Groceries
business owners: become a sponsor




The Fun Club pays for itself each time you use it ...

- Planning a trip to a major theme park like Disney, Busch Gardens, Universal, Six Flags or Carowinds? Save up to 40% on each ticket! Plus, save on your hotel, rental car and even your dining when you get there!

Here's how it works ......

1 -  register your group with the FUN CLUB  (signup here)

You will let us know how many volunteers/students/supporters you have so we can determine how many brochures you will need. There is no upfront cost for the brochures.

2 - set the start/end dates for your fundraiser

Please allow us a minimum of three weeks lead time to be sure you get the brochures on time. We recommend running the fundraiser for one or two weeks.  You might choose to do a one week campaign so you can keep the urgency in the fundraiser and then extend for one more week if you want to give more time. You just have to have a final date or folks will procrastinate sending it back in.

3 - prepare for your campaign

When your FUN CLUB brochures arrive, insert your fundraising letter in the middle of the brochures.


Get your students/volunteers on board for the campaign. Explain how the FUN CLUB works and some of the great benefits like discount movie tickets and theme parks, etc. Get them excited about having their family become a FUN CLUB member.

4 - run your FUN CLUB campaign

The brochures go home with each student/volunteer.

Membership sales should be turned in daily along with $20 per membership. The fundraising coordinator will collect the sales form on the back of the FUN CLUB membership brochure which lists the name, phone & email address of those who purchased a membership during the fundraiser.

5 - tally the results

At the end of the campaign, the fundraising coordinator will tally the total number of memberships sold and compile a list of all names, phone numbers and email addresses on a spreadsheet.


This list will be used to send activation codes to the supporters who purchased a membership.

6 - order the memberships from the FUN CLUB

Place your order for the number of FUN CLUB memberships sold.


(fundraising coordinator collects $20 per membership and remits $10 each to the FUN CLUB..


Example: Assume your group sells 400 memberships at $20 each.  You collect $8,000. You remit $10 for each membership sold ($4,000) to the FUN CLUB. Your group keeps $10 each ($4,000). That's a 50% fundraiser!

7 - distribute the FUN CLUB activation codes

You have a choice:

a)  You can send the list of buyers to the FUN CLUB with your order and we will send each buyer their activation code; or

b)  The FUN CLUB will email the activation codes to you and you can send one unique activation code to each person who purchased a membership during the campaign.

Just let us know which way is best for you.

8 - supporter activates his/her membership

The supporter will go to and click on "Activate your Membership". Once activated, the new member will have unlimited access to all the savings in the FUN CLUB for an entire year.


Enroll your Group/Organization now, it's FREE


UNLIMITED SAVINGS for a full year and there is something in the Fun Club for everyone!



Include the Fun Club in your fundraising this year!

Let us walk you through the newest and best fundraising program in America!  You'll be glad you did.

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