Members Save on Groceries - Print your own coupons!

Something for everyone in the FUN CLUB.

FUN CLUB has multiple coupon programs!

Just print and take to the store. You can save more on your groceries each week than the cost of your FUN CLUB membership for one-year!

Member Testimony:    Grocery Savings!

I knew there was value in the FUN CLUB but I really didn't know how much until I got in and  got serious about finding the savings.

 I logged into the FUN CLUB last week before I went to the grocery store and printed the coupons for all of the things I always buy anyway. My grocery bill total was $126.22. After all of the coupons were deducted I paid $59.40.

 I saved $66.73


I was amazed and so were all of the people waiting in line while they deducted all of those coupons. Of course they all wanted to know how I did that, so I told them about the FUN CLUB.


- Vivian F.

Plus, Vouchers!

GUARANTEED! $1000 in Savings off your Groceries at any Supermarket.

or $500 in restaurant coupons and $500 in grocery coupons.


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